What We Do

Launched in early 2017, we’re a nimble team of ten who are at the frontline of helping achieve Fonterra’s ambition and to pioneer what’s next.

We run the award-winning Disrupt programme, an internal contest of ideas where we harness the talent and creativity of the 20,000 Fonterra force to develop new disruptive ideas that will change the game. We also invest in high growth startups and create strategic partnerships with established organisations.



  • Disrupt: leveraging our internal expertise to solve business challenges
  • Startup Investments: working with the startup ecosystem & innovators in nutrition
  • External Partnerships: working with medium/large organisations where there are synergies to accelerate growth


Connect with us

We’re on the look-out for new, innovative ways to accelerate growth. We are seeking partners who can help us be at the forefront of nutrition globally.

To date, we’ve already scanned more than 1,000 companies looking for potential investment or partnership opportunities. There is no set timeframe or programme – we typically assess every opportunity on a case by case basis.

If that sounds like you, please contact us about how we could work together.