What We Do

Launched in early 2017, we’re a nimble team of 11 who are at the frontline of helping achieve Fonterra’s ambition and to pioneer what’s next.

We invest in high growth startups and dynamic management teams, working together to generate value for both businesses. We look to provide our investees with the benefits of a strategic investor (network, R&D) without the drawbacks (bureaucracy, etc):

  • Global Network: Our global network provides our partners with expansion opportunities to accelerate the growth of their businesses
  • World-Renowned R&D: The Fonterra Research & Development Centre (FRDC) is one of the largest research facilities in the world dedicated to dairy with over 300 scientists, providing access to the latest technology
  • Speed & Agility: We work at speed to provide all the benefits of a corporate shareholder but none of the bureaucratic drawbacks
  • Operational Expertise: Providing partners with access to Fonterra’s experts and resources to streamline & optimise their business
  • Access to Capital: Injection of cash required to scale and take our partner’s businesses to the next level


How We Work

  • Startup Investments: case study example of our latest startup investment
  • Disrupt: our award winning internal innovation programme. We harness the talent and creativity of the 20,000 Fonterra force to develop new business models