Frequently asked questions

FAQs for Ventures Co-Lab programme.

Please see Fonterra Ventures full terms & conditions of entry here.

1. Why Co-Lab?

This is an opportunity to collaborate with us to work on innovative ideas and the chance to potentially build your business with Fonterra. We have great things to offer, particularly our global reach, extensive know-how at every step of the supply chain and a dedicated team – Fonterra Ventures – whose sole focus is to drive disruptive innovation.
Let’s disrupt together!

2. What is Fonterra looking for?

We’re looking for disruptive ideas that could have a big impact on our customers and consumers.

3. Who can submit ideas?

The Ventures Co-Lab platform is currently open to anyone – from existing suppliers, individuals, small businesses to large corporates.

4. Does my idea have to be location specific?

Ideas can be targeted at any market or region. No matter where you are in the world, we’d love to hear from you.

5. What if my idea contains confidential information?

Confidential information you provide in your submission is not protected, so your initial submission should only contain non-confidential information. We’ll discuss if any non-disclosure agreements are required, should we choose to work together.

6. Why are my contact details needed?

We ask for your contact details so we can get back to you. We ask what company you’re from, so we know if you’re with one of our existing suppliers. The information you provide will not be used for any other purposes or shared with third parties, unless you agree for us to do so.

7. What are the terms of entry?

Please see our full terms & conditions here.

8. I have a question. Is there someone I can contact?

If you have any questions, please ­contact us here.

10. Is this similar to other Fonterra continuous improvement programmes?

No, the Ventures Co-Lab is focussed on new and innovative growth opportunities. We are looking to collaborate to radically change the way things are done.

9. I currently supply Fonterra. How does this process work for me?

We always encourage innovation with our suppliers. This as an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with you. Ideas developed through the Fonterra Ventures Co-Lab process, and any resulting relationships, will be worked through separately from any existing commitments or contracts that we have with you as a supplier.

11. How do I submit my idea?

All submissions are made through our website here. Please enter a few details about yourself and a clear, brief description of your idea in 300 words or less and the potential it could offer (which could be financial, social, reputational, environmental or otherwise). You can also attach a brief presentation, video or document to support your idea.

12. Who reviews my submission?

The Fonterra Ventures team, led by General Manager Komal Mistry, will lead the review of submissions. Details of all submissions are confidential.

13. Can I present my idea in person?

All submissions are submitted via the website. However, you could record a personal presentation and attach it with your submission.

14. When can I submit my idea?

Anytime, however, we reserve the right to withdraw this portal/opportunity at any time.

15. What happens after I submit my idea?

The Fonterra Ventures team will review all submissions as soon as possible. You can expect to hear from us within 10 working days. Acceptance of your idea is at our sole discretion and we are under no obligation to provide any reasons for why your idea was not accepted (although we may do this).

16. Why would my submission not progress?

We may choose not to progress with an idea for a variety of reasons. Some examples could be (a) if it is already in the works; or (b) if it isn’t compatible with our strategy or our values; or (c) if the size of the opportunity does not fit with our business plans.

17. What business relationship could I have with Fonterra if my idea is developed?

The way we work together will be decided by both parties – there is no set formula on how this could work. It could be, for example, a partnership, an agreement or an investment.

18. How much could I potentially get paid for my idea?

We believe partnership should always have mutual benefit. Any potential compensation for your idea will be determined through an agreement and discussion between Fonterra and yourself.

19. Will we retain our intellectual property rights in the idea?

All protected IP included in your submission will remain in your ownership. It is your responsibility to obtain the proper protections for your intellectual property in advance of sharing your idea with us and we do not provide advice in relation to such protection. Any improvements or amendments to the intellectual property that result from the collaboration with us is the property of Fonterra unless agreed otherwise in writing.